Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is available in a multitude of patterns, shapes, colors, and textures to meet our clients’ most demanding requirements. Ceramic tile is very durable making it ideal for almost any area.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has a harder surface, absorbs less moisture, and is more damage resistant than ceramic tile; making it highly suitable for heavy traffic areas in residential and light commercial applications.

Natrual Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone includes limestone, marble, granite, slate, and travertine. All bring a certain warm, durable uniqueness to any decorator application and the one of kind offers at Emerald Tile & Stone are impervious to wear and tear. Our natural stone is available in both tile and slab.


The use of marble adds classic appeal to anyone’s home, whether used as a counter top or bathroom vanity, tub deck or floor. It is smooth and cool to the touch, highly durable, and beyond luxurious.



Slate offers a multitude of design possibilities because no two pieces are alike. Its broad color spectrum, varying textures, and resistance to wear and water, make it the ideal application for counter tops and floors, interior and exterior.


Whether filled or unfilled, polished or unpolished, a travertine surface offers several attractive applications for your home. From the rustic, antique look of unfilled travertine to the elegant, polished, filled application, the substance works incredibly well for floors and countertops alike.


Granite Slab

Recently, granite slab has transcended counter tops and moved to almost every areas of the home. From floors and fireplaces to bathrooms and barbecues, kitchens and tubs to outdoor areas, granite simply makes the perfect addition. It is durable, clean, straight, colorful, stylish, and brings a natural elegance and beauty onto any property.

Manufactured Stone/Solid Surface

Just about all manufactured stone products offer virtually the same durability and beauty as natural stone. They provide a non-porous surface, are stain and scratch resistant, and come in a multitude of colors. Products such as Caesarstone®, Silestone®, Zodiaq®, Piedrafina®, and Dekton® all offer more consistency in color, veining, and size than their natural counterparts and can often be a more cost effective option.

Cast Stone

Cast Stone

Cast stone, or architectural pre cast, is often used on homes or commercial buildings as trim, feature, or dynamic ornament. From Grecian columns to Venetian facades, decorative alcoves, cast stone replaces the block and chisel with more modern technology to meet contemporary budgets and deadlines.

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